I'll give you a million dollars...

Posted by Angelique Ruzicka on Wednesday, October 27, 2010

There's got to be a special place in hell for them. Their emails always start the same, and they have the most ridiculous spelling and grammatical mistakes. Here's one I got earlier:

'Dear Friend. This message might meet you in utmost surprise, However, it is just my urgent need for a foreign partner that made me to contact you for this transaction, I am a banker by profession in Burkina Faso currently holding the post of a director auditing and accounting section of the bank. I have the opportunity of detect the fund (US$10.500.000 Million) which belong to one of my client who died along with his family in Iraq war.'

Essentially, it goes on to say: 'Give me your bank account details and I will transfer a million bucks'. What they are really saying though is: give me your bank account details you rich-up-your-own-self Westerner and I will clean you out before you can say the word 'Jihad'.

What I can't fathom is why people fall for this scam. There is so much information out there telling you over and over again 'not to give your bank account out to ANYONE'. But yet people still do it. They must do, why else would I be getting 419 emails (as they are also known) every week. I know, I know, I am being mean here. But I am sick of it, sick of people believing that somehow they are the lucky ones to be contacted by 'Billy the nice millionaire', and willy-nilly give them their branch code and pin number.

A couple of years ago, the BBC wrote an article about scambaiters who were turning the tables on the Nigerians that were sending out these 419s. Happily, they still exist! They trick these scamsters into believing they've snared another hapless victim. They aggravate and humiliate them, and in their own words 'waste their time so that they have less time scamming potential victims'.

It's knowing that organisations like theirs exist in the world that puts a huge, big smile on my dial. To know that justice has been served. Yin and yang is restored, allowing the hippies to carry on hugging trees. So, if you need a giggle from your drab day, check out what they are doing to these *ssholes by clicking on this link: http://thescambaiter.com/

Till then:

Dear Friend,

I am a hard on luck freelance journalist. You are the only person to get this email and I write to you in the strictest confidence. I have just learned of someone dying, who has left a million dollars in some bullsh*t bank account, and I'd like to transfer it into yours for safekeeping, until I get to a safe place. Please will you send me your branch code, sort code (if you live in the UK) and the long number across the middle of your card(s), your name, address, pin and any other personal details I may need to raid, I mean transfer money into your account.

God bless,


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