Men: If women can't do, teach

Posted by Angelique Ruzicka on Friday, October 29, 2010

"The fact that the screen came up blue with white writing means there's a big problem,” says my husband standing in the doorway of our bedroom, with clear annoyance on his face. I was still in bed, no doubt sporting bed hair and sleep in my eyes. He, meanwhile, was all suited and booted, ready for work and looking his usual dashing, clean shaven self.

My laptop has been crashing once every 30 minutes or so for a day this week. But before it crashes with all my unsaved work, a message flickers saying something like: “Windows has spotted a problem and in order to protect your computer has decided to shut down,” etc., etc. Then it goes on to say something about uninstalling any previously uploaded systems and something in Greek about Bios updates (whatever). I thought it just needed some TLC and for my husband to uninstall the new anti-virus software he'd installed a day or so before that.

But this is not the first time something of mine has gone kaput this month. My car broke down. The battery was completely dead. The car would not so much as squeak if I turned the key in the ignition. After much eye-rolling, tutting, and accusations from my husband, that I'd clearly not been looking after the battery I got a new one (battery that is, although a new car would be nice too). A couple of days later the new battery died completely as well (so it couldn't have been my incompetence) and I had to get the HiQ guys to come charging to my rescue again.

Clearly, I am not very technically minded. What I am trying to get at, or whinge about, is the fact that I can't stand it when men have that know it all smug look on their face and roll their eyes at us 'untechnically minded' women.

So who do I blame for the fact that there are so many women out there that don't know how to change a tyre, ensure a car's battery fluid is topped up and who know that a blue screen with white writing means the computer is screwed? I blame men of course, fathers in particular. You see fathers bonding with their sons by giving them a beer, taking them to the garage and showing them what's under the hood of their new shiny car and letting them have a tinker around. They explain what horse power, V6, dual overhead cams, and a tuned port fuel injection is, and all the other necessary stuff.

When do you ever see them doing that with their daughters? Boyfriends and husbands too – when last did you lift the hood and show your girlfriends/wives what's what and how to change a tyre? No, instead girls are left to play with Barbie. I never cared much for the doll with a deformed body, no pubic hair, with a penchant for shopping and dating a eunuch called Ken. I would have appreciated being taken aside and shown what to do with techno stuff from an early age. So I think I, along with a whole bunch of other women, would appreciate it that if once in a while you guys would take aside and teach us something useful instead of rolling your eyes. And if you are a father the sooner you teach your daughters, the better.

And before I get retorts from a bunch of men - I'll say this: "Girls, it's time to take the guys aside and show them how to cook and clean, and make tea by reading your mind". It's only fair.

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