Watching you like a hawk?

Posted by Angelique Ruzicka on Friday, October 8, 2010

So now the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has told Cell C that it's a naughty child, wrapped it over the knuckles, and has asked it to shut down its 4G campaign. This happened after the ASA established that its campaign is 'misleading and dishonest'.

According to News24, the ASA investigated Cell C after complaints from MTN and Vodacom (wonder what was in it for them). News24 says that the complainants believed that Cell C's 4Gs logo is dishonest and misleading as consumers will mistake it as a reference to the '4G standard of network'. Cell C is appealing the decision...

But how can this happen?! I thought Trevor Noah, Cell C's 'Customer Experience Officer', is watching them 'like a hawk'. If he was, isn't this something he should have prevented from happening?

I can't help but wonder, probably like everyone else, whether this latest blunder by Cell C will tarnish Noah's image just a tad, given the fact that he is supposed to be their 'CEO'. 

But perhaps it won't. We all know that the advertisement is just a gaff, right? I mean, do we really expect to see Noah sitting in the big Cell C tower, sharpening his pencil, calling customers and asking them whether they know the difference between 3 or 4Gs? No, he's a funnyman, an entertainer, a comedian, and he's a very, very busy man.

Don't get me wrong, I like Noah. I just wonder whether Noah's PR people are doing him more harm than good. I think he is spreading himself too thin. Why, it feels like just yesterday that he became the 'CEO' of Cell C. Now I think he's in an advertisement with Savanna too (my favourite drink). At least I saw one on Facebook. Noah's literally all over the place. You can't turn the television on without seeing Noah – he's got his own talk show now on M-Net called 'Tonight with Trevor Noah'.

I'm not sure what will happen. All I know is that a shooting star usually burns out very quickly.

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